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Reayrt Mie Ballasalla - Dandara


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1 hour ago, TheTeapot said:

Have a look at the Dandara site for this development. Who the fuck is buying a house in Ballasalla that isn't even built yet?

We know 2 young couples who have paid deposits and awaiting houses to be delivered in June/July, not sure if they have been impacted. If they hadn't bought off plan at start it would have cost them c£25k more if they had waited until development started.

Until borders eased there will be a shortage of skilled labour as not many will come from U.K. IF they can't travel back to see families without constant quarantine.

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I don't believe there is a shortage of local building trades people, even self employed would  be willing to sign up to this?

Cash flow is the problem here, not enough 'buy off plan', buy to let, people are saving their money, 'just in case' something  else requires the use of their capital?

Maybe, developers are reaching the point where the requirement to provide, 'Affordable Housing' under Govt requirements 25%, are outweighing the market price of the whole Estate?

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2 minutes ago, Kopek said:

If the Govt have their contracts sorted, there would be nothing to stop Dandara completing their 'By Pass' obligations despite a  housing slow down?

Of course, that is a lot of ''Ifs''!!!

I wouldn't hold your breath, there's plenty of "obligations" on their previous developments that have never been met.

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