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Offshore processing for UK's immigrants under consideration.ll


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The UK Home Secretary is said to be considering the IOM as one of a number of places that immigrants to the UK will be sent for processing - this according to the Times newspaper.  We did host many of the UK's  internees during WW2, so a precedent of sorts does exist perhaps. 


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1 minute ago, quilp said:

It's an old story, nothing new. 

I remember it being spoken of previously. The report is in todays's press however. Lets see if anything comes to pass when/if she makes an announcement next week. It would certainly upset a few of the more 'conservative' types if anything came of it.

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9 minutes ago, Shake me up Judy said:

Fortunately, Patel is a Tory, otherwise that observation would get you into a world of trouble GD4ELI ;)

If you're insinuating accusations of misogyny if Patel weren't a Tory, I disagree.

"Total nut-job" is a gender-neutral insult.  

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