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Billy kettlefish

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16 minutes ago, swoopy2110 said:

It's not possible when the flight it 1635 anyway. There is nothing to connect to.

Hopefully they'll add the morning flight back in and also the connection options.

Of course there are flights to connect to. Look at the Dublin departure board for Aer Lingus flights after 1800

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On 12/16/2021 at 4:11 PM, Ringy Rose said:

It was and, like most of that policy, it was highly idiotic. Which means it'll probably be revisited.

It's a small regional airport. A management contract is simply paying someone to do something you can do yourself, with the bonus extra cost of then paying other civil servants to make sure the contractor is actually doing what they should be doing. Full privatisation would just be Manx Gas price-gouging on steroids.

Good news about Dublin.

Mind you, manchester airport total shambles today- mixture of fog and staff shortages, at least an hour wait to get through security, meaning in practice you have to wait for final call and then get rushed through 

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