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Ice or no ice with whiskey

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On 3/27/2021 at 11:09 AM, TheTeapot said:

Personally these days I leave it well alone.

However, when I did like drinking whisky it was just neat in a wide brandy type glass. I liked the peaty malts, laphroig and the like, and the warmth they give. Was never really into ice with it, but I don't like ice in rum either.


I like the peaty malts too, most days I have a small brandy glass of neat whiskey which lasts all night (probably about a measure and a half) this is great for my (constant) sore throat and a lesser volume of fluid means less trips to the loo in the night, thus helping with sleep also. I love Tescos value on the single malts, Laphroig, Cardu, Highland Park all just £25 

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I like it neat when having lagavulin or laphroaig but for some reason I like small cube of ice with a Talisker , I’ve tried many but settled for these three when I fancy a wee dram.

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