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GE White Mag service

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Ordered a couple of magazines to fill the time on the loo.

Webbypage shows easily what and when they are available - free postage too.

Arrived the very next day.

I know people will say ‘just buy a subscription and it gets delivered anyway’ but sometimes the content isn’t up to much, or is aimed at ‘the beginner’ so is not really aimed at the hardened crotchet, needle swapping knitter -( if thats your thing, mine were more big burly bloke standing at the lakeside with a boat sort of things). 

Great easy service if you fancy a read or change of hobby!  It might get some of you off Fartface and MF, so double win.


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10 hours ago, Annoymouse said:

For those with an Amazon Prime subscription their Kindle app has a selection of free magazines, not as nice as a paper copy for toilet reading granted. 

Plus wiping your arse with a kindle presents a few problems.

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Put it in Airplane mode.  It makes the corners softer - little know technology FACT.

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