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What's going on? My friend is in town and has sent me a message to say that there are police with guns everywhere. 

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I had to ring 111 last week after looking at something through the window there and thinking it was nice. Fortunately they told me that particular loss of taste wasn't a covid symptom.

Fair play to the 999 operator.  The temptation to say "What!  Both of them?" must have been overwhelming.

Oh go on then:  

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All vehicular entrances to the street are blocked with vans and armed police - sounds like something fairly serious. Perhaps it's a rogue cell of extremist terrorists sticking it to the man in the Isle of Man, who knows? Don't think it's the police trying to jump the jab queue though.

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"Officers armed with rifles were seen beside a police 4x4 vehicle which was positioned by Starbucks Coffee shop, blocking the entrance to Duke Street."

Someone gave their name as Osama Bin Laden in the coffee queue again?

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2 minutes ago, Pipsqueak said:

fortunately these things are rare on the island  blah de blah de blah

Not a criminal to be seen (now that I've left).

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The Donut/Shake Lounge place advertised some Donut tree seeds this morning, I assume that’s the reason for the full scale Police response.


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Just now, Utah 01 said:

I doubt it but will be happy to be proven wrong.

Cops generally overreact here.

But I spose that's a good thing for the one time it is serious.

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