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"Good spelling would be an advantage" - if you work for a newspaper

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There is bad spelling, there are howling mistakes, and there those  little slip-ups that make us feel better, perhaps even briefly  a little superior, if and when we spot them.

There are one of the most harmless form of amusement  available to us  in an increasingly rather correct and humourless  world.

Punctuation brings it’s own amusement:

”She ran downstairs and opened the door in her dressing gown”

”Quick!”, she said “ My husband is upstairs breathing in short pants!”

Spelling can give problems - ( what  a difference a vowel makes)

The retirement accolade  sent by email to the entire workforce, had been intended to say “Ask anyone  in Blogs Ltd., and I can tell you now,  they will say straight away, what a real big-shot  Fred is!”

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