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Elect The President

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We don't need a President of Tynwald. We never did in the first place. It was Charlie Kerruish who decided he should be President of Tynwald and so it came to pass. Back-slaps and drinks all round. Lo

Correct; scrap it. Clare Christian (yes, that one) imbued some dignity in the role and delivered effective parliamentary interventions in a way that Rodan spectacularly hasn’t, but there’s no sound re

Thank you. I’ll make absolutely sure I don’t read that.

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The role of El Presidente involves dressing up and pomp and ceremony, along with fancy titles. Ideal for HRH The Chief Minister. The only snag is you need a bit of decorum, ettiquette, ability not to a buffoon and have a brain - some things which I don’t he currently possesses. The next candidate would be Spewin Juan, the HOK speaker.

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I suppose it would make sense for the next Tynwald to choose it's own presiding officer rather than have one imposed by it's predecessor and avoids the possibility of Howard being CM and President at the same time (or an interim CM).

However, I wouldn't relish the prospect of a General Election in Rushen followed by an immediate by-election when Juan gets the President's job.

Of course both these problems can be solved if they scrap the role and have the Speaker chair Tynwald.

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20 minutes ago, SleepyJoe said:

Some suggestion the appointment of the next President of Tynwald should be held over until after the general election

Makes no sense as you'd have an election and then a by-election straight away?

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