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We have a TP-Link MR6400 4G router to supply our broadband, ADSL was not effective to our property. In recent weeks the average download speed has dropped significantly and the signal strength indication of the incoming 4G has dropped from between 75% and 100% to 50%.

We live in clear line of sight of Port Erin and Port St Mary. MT say that the issue is caused by contention.

Between 4pm and midnight it has now become the norm for our download speed to fall below 1 Mbps.

Is anyone else having the same issue? We are waiting for a fibre installation to be completed but in the meantime would appreciate any advice on how to improve our reception.

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If it’s not fixed wireless access backed off to a circuit somewhere, speeds will fluctuate wildly based on loads of different variables. 

The local cell site might only have a 1Gb or even 100Mb link into the network which is soon saturated with only a couple of additional 4G routers.

You will be limited in terms of things you can do to improve performance if it is contention. The signal strength is mostly irrelevant if the bandwidth to the cell is contended.

You could try the router in different parts of the property to see if you can maybe pick up a different cell 

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Got to be worth trying a sure PAYG SIM.  Topup through the app and its £20 a month "unlimited" data.

I just speed tested at 25mbps to the phone, while the mrs is watching some crayon the iPad, my Son is gamin, and I am streaming the football to the TV.

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On 4/15/2021 at 5:39 AM, immortalpuppet said:

That’s a really good point, Sure’s 4G/4G+ Seems a lot better recently 

Their 4G is known for issues with contention in Ramsey and Port Erin, I've seen it range from 1 to 40mb across the course of a day.

Interestingly, MT's contention seems to have gotten worse within the past weeks, I've dropped from 40mb during the day to nearer 10 at busier times.

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