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I’ve seen water bottles, before the Covid I’d pick them up and throw them in the nearest bin (the other day I used a dog poop bag to pick up a medi-mask at the Millennium Oakwood) but I’ve never seen bits of Lycra or reflectors, guess the places I go are just full of people who don’t clear up their dog shit, I’ll give you water bottles but the other examples are weak and without ground.

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It's people's lifestyle habits that have f**ked up the countryside. I used to walk the dog in the plantations back in the '70s. You'd never see a soul and the peace and quiet was wonderful. I wouldn't dream of going there now. I've nothing against cyclists, and used to ride myself, but they shouldn't be riding where they like whenever they like. It doesn't work. People's freedoms have to be balanced out and restricted. The countryside is being used as an outdoor gymnasium 365 days of the year. Same goes for offroad motorcycles too. No need to ban anybody, just to rethink it and limit access to certain times, areas, routes and events. Same principle as the T.T.

There's far too many dogs too, now that they've become a lifestyle accessory. The countryside is mainly for farm dogs, not the £3000 pound Fido that you've bought from a pedigree breeder. It's got to stop.     

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