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1 hour ago, The Phantom said:

Spent a lot of time out in the wilds of various countries with a lot of types of 4x4. 

If we ignore the new LR luxury vehicles, the general consensus I've discovered is that LRs will more than likely breakdown, but will be pretty easy and cheap to fix. 

Japanese (Land Cruisers / Hilux etc) will very rarely breakdown, but when they do, it's usually a nightmare. 

That certainly fits with my stereotypical viewpoint - Old Landys go on for ever and there are spare bits available all over the place to fix them, Toyotas are indestructible.

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That's a Nissan Navara's favourite trick even though Nissan have tried to bury the fact!

Exactly the same issues on a Previa and a Sharan ... my mechanic says its the climate over here.

You may find that just driving it won't pull it up above about 80%, a proper charger may be needed to top it right off. Though in my experience, I've seen that once a battery has gone properly fl

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21 hours ago, Mr Roboto said:

A re-map and a DPF delete is the solution. Over lockdown I believe lower use of diesels has generated a lot of money for garages at around £350 to £400 for a DPF re-charge. 

DPF re-charge, new battery, disks and pads on rear - £480. 

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