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P.S. in relation to the thread title - no thanks

As usual 2112 is talking crap. The BI council will mean that HQ will have met her. She's lost her job so HQ is simply sending her the perfunctory greeting. End of story. Modern media however seem

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On 5/15/2021 at 10:59 PM, Roger Mexico said:

No there's been a split before - Martin McGuinness was Deputy FM for example, even though Gerry Adams led SF.  The positions of FM is in the nomination of the largest Party of the largest bloc (Unionist/Nationalist/Other).  At the moment these are quite close:

Unionist: 27 DUP + 10 UUP + 1 TUV + 2 Ind = 40

Nationalist: 26 SF + 12 SDLP = 38

Other: 7 Alliance + 2 Green + 1 PBP + 1 Ind = 11  (+ Speaker - was SF)

It's theoretically possible that  SF could be the biggest Party but DUP provide the FM - or vice versa.   It's the total in each bloc that matters.   But given the way that polls and elections have gone , I suspect the Nationalists will be the biggest bloc next time.  Which might simply lead to the DUP withdrawing from the Assembly of course.

In 1940 Chamberlain remained leader of the Tories although Churchill had become PM.

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On 6/12/2021 at 9:01 AM, Roxanne said:

Never mind that.  Why did Michael Josem go?

(photo, next table to the man in the suit)

LOL, that's not me, that's just a guy with a beard!

I was at the Manx 7s and the Pride event here in Douglas over the weekend.

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5 minutes ago, Cream Horn said:

I have one little nap after a very dull speech by Prime Minister Blair, and I awake to find you're still causing havoc Rox!  You need more stodge in your diet.  A bit of Suet would you see right.

It’s been a long time since 2013. That’s some bloody sleep bey! 

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