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Serious incident in Rhumsaa

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as evidenced by the fact you're the first MF member to become a worldwide meme  

It's a tired feature of Manx life that the village mentality of 'mind your own business' and the 'need to know' rule still persists. We've never matured as a modern open society and democracy, and 'ou

Because we live in an open society with an open legal system.  This happens all the time, major incidents that are subject to news blackouts. The UK police manage to release details of serio

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On 5/2/2021 at 8:26 PM, Derek Flint said:

Comment on media sluggishness 

If that really was you motivation for starting this thread then I still don't understand your motivation for starting this thread.

If there is a dangerous situation I need to know about then I expect sirens or the 3 minute warning. Otherwise it's just the news - and, frankly, the world was a better place when that was updated a few times every day. And local news was only in the paper.

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1 hour ago, John Wright said:

Perhaps we could join up with North Lancs, South Lakes and Barrow proposed breakaway unitary authority.

Apologies, I forgot Blackpool was a unitary authority. Didn’t Lancs CC have plans to split the whole county into 3 a couple of years ago, with Blackpool and Lancaster etc becoming one unitary authority?

Would you advocate such a proposal John, joining up with Blackpool and North Lancs, with Our Man Flint as the island representative?

Longworth, the islands transport saviour, would amusingly be reintroduced to the buses he sold for peanuts to Blackpool a few years ago. He would probably convince Tynwald to finance a monorail to North Lancs via the Morecambe Bay wind farm, advising HSE that the chance of decapitation from a blade is as rare as potential injury caused by brake failure on poorly maintained trams descending 2000 ft from Snaefell.  

Delusional Derek could be the IOM/North Lancs Police Commissioner and media guru, correcting all of the failings of his institution regarding public communication; that obviously didn’t exist when he was an overpaid and underworked copper. Dezza could bring in his fellow narcissist Josem as our antiodean ambassador, with a manifesto to release salt water crocs into the Sulby River suggesting: if the island is good for the wallabies...........

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Well, I have to say, I have no idea who this pair are, nor do I have any idea who the person is on the receiving end, nor do I care. Problem with society nowadays is too many people, want to know too much, too soon.

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Moderation note

one person, a juvenile, appeared in Court yesterday, 3 May, charged with an offence arising out of this incident.

Matter is now sub judice.

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