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I thought the last episode of Line of Duty was disappointing. In fact the whole series was a bit tired with very little originality. 

But it got huge ratings. 

Strange contradictions; we are meant to be living in a Golden Age of TV with Netflix et al spending multiple millions and everyone upping their game to compete but something rather mediocre is a huge ratings hit. 

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4 hours ago, Chinahand said:

I thought the last episode of Line of Duty was disappointing.

Totally agree. The endless promotion though through the BBC and press jumping on the "who is H ?" bandwagon during a lockdown gave it a captive audience. A bit like who shot JR or Mr Burns it captured something.

I think they should leave it there now. No more spins offs or next series. 

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Unfortunately, like many other shows, they seem to be aiming for awards rather than delivering the goods. The whole build up to revealing who H was ...ridiculous, pointless, drawn out and over dramatised. 

There are so many good things on the tv these days, Netflix is brilliant, Youtube even knows the bands I like and makes playlists for me on my terrorvision. I've just finished watching the Irregulars, the first episode is a bit meh but after that - boom boom boom, spot on. 

What the new Alan Partridge thing called? This Time - absolutely f'ing hilarious I don't even like him but this is gold, love it. 

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