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Psychics/mediums/fortune Tellers

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chloephoria- amazing stuff; never fails to amaze me that no matter how unbelievable and impossible stuff is, when it happens to you then you have to face it..


Work again on monday <_<


you mean this isn't your 'work'?! :D that mind needs channeling!

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I really don't understand the whole fortune teller, tarot card reading thing. If it is going to happen, it will happen and knowing about it shouldn't change it. (If it did then the whole exercise is somewhat self-defeating.) So what's the point in knowing?


I would much rather take life by the ears and see where the ride takes me!

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We are made of energy and it has to go somewhere...

Energy is simply the ability to cause change, and the whole Universe is nothing else than than a never-ending series of energy exchanges. If something has the ability to cause change in the physical or chemical properties of another object, then it has energy. So if you die, then your energy will indeed go "somewhere" - it will cause change, i.e. your body heat will be released to the surrounding air, etc - all perfectly explainable on a scientific level...(scientific level meaning, expressed in a form or way we can currently understand and acknowledge)


..just like light from a dead star can still be seen today, even though the star may have 'died' billions of years ago. The light can still be seen and so the energy is continuous and the light is still there even though the star is not.

That would have something to do with the "speed of light" (299 792 458 m/s, or "rather quick") - also a proven scientific principle, although it is a definition, not a strict measurement - but I see what you're on about...

(Measure The Speed of Light With Chocolate and A Microwave here)


I think i read that in the BBC'S FOCUS magazine im not sure, but i thought it was pretty amazing. So how do we know that when we die our conciousness does not exist on another frequency. If the aim of the game, because it rhymes, was to live and die why would we posess conciousness? To 'know' and 'feel' and to be 'aware'.

Now this is the interesting bit..


I've been to countless "haunted places" in my time, listened to loads of stories, had a go at "mediums" and other people, and did all this with an open mind - I don't say "It's all fake and can't be true" - if I ever have some kind of experience that convinces me otherwise, then I shall believe..


Until then, I find the field of Near Death Experience research to be far more interesting than any "Medium" or "Fortune Teller" could ever be..


The first thing people probably associate with NDE is "Flatliners", but I think that this kind of research is our best bet at the moment to find out what really happens, once life has ended...

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What I want to know, is there any legislation to deal with mediums/tarot card readers etc?


There are laws to protect us from Cowboy builders and the like, is there really any difference with people who claim to predict your future and then take your cash.


Or do they have to state before a reading that it is just a bit of fun?


Con artist/cowboy builder/tarot reader ...spot the difference

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Not so sure if tarot is the kind of help these people need. It seems it's generally the weak and the vulnerable who fall for it. I know one girl who dumped her bloke because she'd been told the relationship would go nowhere. The b*stard tarot reader didn't even name him!

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