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Ayre & Michael

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All discussions relating to this constituency go in this thread please. 

Sitting members:
Tim Baker MHK
Alfred Cannan MHK

Number of seats: 2

Declared candidates: 
Tim Baker MHK
Paul Weatherall
Tim Johnston
Alfred Cannan MHK
Duncan Livingstone
Phil Corkill
Madeleine Westall
Sosthene Boussougou


Two Minutes Summary Videos from ManxRadio:







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26 minutes ago, SleepyJoe said:

Wonder if Carlos Phillips will stand again

Only after a long conversation with God. Normally auditory hallucinations get you entry into a different asylum than Tynwald.

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4 hours ago, joebean said:

Somebody needs to stand to give the voters an opportunity of an alternative to the unremittingly feeble excusologist Tim Baker. A resident of the Widlife Park would do.

That man is simply an awful human being. I think a lot of people in Ayre are now working that out. 

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Cannan and Baker have totally forgotten about Sulby, Ballaugh and Michael, they have been sucked into Ministerial roles and forgotten the people who put them there.

My family will not vote for either of them, Mr Cannan wanted to be a Chief Minister 5 years ago, if that happens again, it's another 5 years of Cannan being out of touch with his constituents (10 years in total) What a total freaking joke.

No matter what, anyone is better than these two YES men!!

Live by the sword Cannan and Baker - Die by the sword.


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On 5/25/2021 at 7:37 AM, Derek Flint said:

Nick Crowe should stand here. I reckon he’d get in

Mr Flint are you positively sure? 

Stand by your statement if you agree.


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