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Douglas East


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21 hours ago, Albert Tatlock said:

There'll be at least 9 candidates for Douglas East by Aug IMO.

So more candidates than the number of votes usually cast in the constituency.

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1 hour ago, Roger Mexico said:

Indeed, but I think he took over a year to do it.  It's certainly possible to get a constituency in six weeks if you do it all day every day, but you're only contact with most people will be a "Sorry You Were Out" card, which isn't as effective as personal contact.  You really are best starting campaigning as early as possible.

You need to set yourself a time limit per household. It's lovely to talk to people for ages but with something like 2300 households in South you can't spend ages with each. Also, you need to plan the hours carefully. Many people are out during the day so you might do 5pm to 8pm or something, which cuts your window down even further. 

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23 minutes ago, offshoremanxman said:

Josem for Douglas East announced this morning. 

Just watched the cringey and patronising video lols.

The next few moths are going to be epic.  I think I would prefer another lockdown than all this electioneering. 

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