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Douglas East


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"The UK has voted to leave the European Union as a result of a widespread wish to take back control from unelected elites in Brussels" 

Jesus wept. He goes on to quote Daniel Hannan.

"The task now is to unite the country, to move in a measured and phased way to a status that both Leavers and Remainers can accept. Our partners in the EU should know that we will remain engaged. Taking back control of our laws doesn't mean walking away from our allies"

And yes, that's this very same Daniel Hannan. 



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2 minutes ago, offshoremanxman said:

Walker really socked it Josem over empty populism and government by social media. She was very good. 

I suppose I'll have to watch it now, just to find out what Josem does when he can't employ his usual "anonymous troll" defence.

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I thought Walker came across well, articulate and seems like she can smell the bullshit from others. Could do with a few more like her around the Island.

Josem is too shifty, it's almost like a parody of someone being shifty. Strange.

Gilmour and Barber - were okay.

I had high hopes for Joney Faragher, she just needs to up her game a bit and I hope she does as I think she would be a good voice in government.


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