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Glenfaba & Peel

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45 minutes ago, Zarley said:

I've not seen a single candidate yet and only received one manifesto*.

Along with said manifesto, there was a "sorry I missed you" card, which is a load of horse-hooey. I was in that day and during the hour in which the manifesto appeared, was in an area of the house where I would have definitely heard the doorbell or a knock. 

I was greatly disappointed. It was none other than das Boot and I was looking forward to grilling him before taking great pleasure in telling him I'd rather *insert horrible self-harm of your choice* before voting for him. 

I'm looking forward to having Harmer on my doorstep for the same reasons. 

I'm also thinking of putting a small notice on my door along the lines of if you drop your manifesto and run, don't count on my vote. Of course that could well backfire and I'll be left with no one for which to vote. 

*That's wrong. I received a manifesto from and briefly spoke to the Green candidate very early on. He didn't have much to say other than all will be revealed at a town-hall meeting. A very forgettable encounter. 

The Blue Baron was sorry he missed me too!

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Gormless could do with sorting Ballacraine traffic lights for cyclists of average weight.

Plenty of times I've had to wait for a car to give me green light on the road contacts. And a few times I've not waited...

Maybe he's got a special clicker or he being more than 80kg does the business.

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1 minute ago, TheTeapot said:

There's a video kicking about fb of Boot telling one of his electorate to go back to Ireland.

You mean this one? 



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2 hours ago, Sheldon said:

Pretty much what you'd expect from an English Tory.

Ironic indeed that it’s a term derived from political activity in Ireland and reflects an Irish Gaelic word for ‘brigand’.

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