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11 minutes ago, Sheldon said:

Keiran certainly put in the hard yards, committed early, was all over social media 24x7, and poured his heart and soul into it from day one. Never for a billisecond, though, did I think he'd actually get elected.

What’s a billisecond?

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1 hour ago, offshoremanxman said:

That’s really really concerning someone would do that.

PK doesn’t record posts.  PK doesn’t like it when people record posts.

I am the only person who records people’s posts.

Look, I recorded this one of PK saying so 17 years ago.


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1 hour ago, code99 said:

Gutted for Keiran Hannifin. Going forward, I am expecting Stu Peters to engage in a bit of theatrical politics in the HoKs, but to have very little impact on government policies (hopefully).   

I expect SP to do very little except turn up as required to sittings, make the odd bit of noise and bank the cheques. He never game me any indication when he hosted Mannin Line etc that he had any real interest in Manx politics etc so standing for an MHK always looked like to me as him shooting at getting a nice payday now he is eithe past or very close to pensionable age. Hopefully I will be proved wrong and he will show himself to be a "political animal"

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52 minutes ago, Sheldon said:

Keiran certainly put in the hard yards, committed early, was all over social media 24x7, and poured his heart and soul into it from day one. Never for a billisecond, though, did I think he'd actually get elected.

He possibly helped SP be elected as I know a fair few who said they were initially going to vote for AL switch to KH as one appeared to have an idea about what he thought and the other simply read from notes.

Once SP announced he would stand I thought it would be between him and AL with AL picking up the Marown votes but struggling elsewhere. It is why Bill Shimmins topped the poll last time as he did well away from the Marown area as HQ and Paul Craine were, I think seen, as heavily linked to that one part of Middle

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3 hours ago, P.K. said:

Calling someone ignorant is insulting.

You can't escape the fact that they tried to up the profile of their cause by entrapment.

Unfortunately, as there is no such thing as bad publicity, they were successful in this. I personally support the BLM movement but absolutely do not support the individuals involved because their actions showed they definitely don't deserve it.

Insulting or not if the shoe fits then the shoe fits. He is just one of many people in the world who would rather live in ignorance peddling the same opinionated nonsense than actually engage with and learn about the individuals he speaks out against.

As for BLM. Whilst I do think that some people take things a little to the extreme, I do understand why certain aspects of extremism are necessary when trying to promote change. As much as people like yourself may not agree with the methods it does serve a purpose to get everyone talking about the issue. When fighting against prejudice, misinformation and brutal ignorance sometimes talking is not enough. Sometimes you need to take action, to do something drastic to bring attention to the issue at hand. I don't necessarily agree with all aspects of the actions but I do understand why it is sometimes necessary.

We could use the Insulate Britain movement and there recent antics as a perfect example here.

Whilst I agree with what they are saying and do think the government should fund or at least partially fund insulation across the country. I think what they did was ridiculously reckless, stupid and in one case prevented an elderly lady from receiving medical treatment for a heart attack who, as a result of the delay, ended up dying on route to the hospital. I fully agree if they do something that stupid again then they should receive jail time for their actions as they are seriously endangering the lives of road users.

However...it worked. We all know who they are now. We all know what they want. Whether you agree or disagree you are talking about it and bringing the issue to the forefront of conversation.

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18 hours ago, offshoremanxman said:

If I was the next CM I’d be putting Peters into the DOI and see how long it would take for those disaster causing morons to totally destroy his petrol head reputation (about 3 - 6 months probably). 

I had a similar thought...

If he gets the prom and roads sorted out then that is a result.  If not then at least it will keep him busy and out of the way of more progressive MHKs until the next election. 

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Keenan appears to think he is some sort of local hero here to save the island!

iom news an politics where he is looking for a “public mandate” to stand as MLC

I have little doubt, that if the entire of the Iom had the opportunity to use their 2nd vote out of constituency - as would be democratic, as all 24 mhks will be affecting your healthcare, as will comin, that I would have avalanched in my success.

I may have been 4th. But only 200 votes away from joney, whom is being considered one of the biggest victories (and who also got 200 votes less than stu Peters)

My whole point of running was showing how ludicrous manx politics can be and how much it needs fixing.

If given the MLC role, I would rock it for 18 months (and make a tangeable difference) and then use that experience to mount a VERY strong campaign for your vote next time. 

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