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All discussions relating to this constituency go in this thread please. 

Sitting members:
Rob Callister MHK
Julie Edge MHK

Number of seats: 2

Declared candidates:

Rob Callister MHK
Julie Edge MHK
Michael Leather
James Cherry 

Peter Willers (Lib Van)

Two Minutes Summary Videos from ManxRadio:


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I think the fact that David Quirk would even stand says it all about Manx politics. By that I mean it’s him or the mighty RC or the formidable but pretty ineffective JE.

Time to bring back that giant of Manx politics that was AE or maybe RC.

Time to stop pretending the IOM is a country , it’s not. It’s an Island. Bit of a funny one like all those weird Scottish ones - and trust me they are even weirder than here.


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"The main proposal of Mr Leather’s campaign is to revitalise the island’s tourist economy by extending a section of Loch Promenade 200 metres into the sea to generate 200,000 square metres (49.5 acres) of land.

This ’prime land’ could then be developed with modern hotels, flats, potential offices and a modern underground shopping precinct.

Mr Leather, who holds a master’s degree in commercial property development, cited the rejuvenation of Blackpool from 2000 as a model which the island could follow."

This guy is clearly in Lala Land. Blackpool is an absolute mess full of concrete and Leather's proposals are ludicrous. The Island can't even make a new promenade let alone reclaim land from the sea and develop it even if the funding was there. Please don't vote in this lunatic.

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22 hours ago, Roger Mexico said:

Quirk has stood in Onchan in every General Election since 1986.  It would be odd if he didn't stand.

Quirk hasn't stood since he was voted out. Despite his mess with Manx Gas which resulted in the higher prices he has managed to get himself elected as a Commissioner in Onchan so who knows, if he Granny Farms well enough he might stand and get elected. I sincerely hope not but with newcomers like Leather and others he might be the lesser evil.

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