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46 minutes ago, Katman said:

James Cherry, nice guy, but didn't he stand down from the commissioners over being bulied? I doubt if he's made of the right stuff to be an MHK.

Going to need a thicker skin for sure. I look forward to his blogs.

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19 hours ago, Ham_N_Eggs said:

Yes and let Quirky back in. Not sure he's going to find Keys any easier.

To be fair to Cherry he actually waited to resign till within six months before the election, so that it didn't trigger a by-election.  It's not his fault Covid came along and delayed everything 15 months.  And whatever you say about Quirk, the voters clearly preferred him (and practically everyone else) to the current Board.

The thing about bullying that people usually forget is that, even if you're not intimidated, it's terribly time-consuming.  Bullies are the sort of people more interested in maintaining their power and getting their own way than doing their job, so if you are trying to do your job, you get distracted all the time by their antics and backstabbing and trying to deal with the messes they create.  And of course in a voluntary role (which is effectively what being a Commissioner is) you may also have an actual job and outside interests that take up most of your time, while the bullies may be retired and can devote their time to their machinations..  People may be less scared than weary.

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