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6 hours ago, offshoremanxman said:

It looks like he had another Twitter meltdown last night. He really does seem arrogant enough to think the questioning about Josem is all just going to go away because he says so when it’s clear that it’s only just the start. When he puts his papers in I think several people are going to have a field day.

I am sure he would be the first to demand transparency from the Government. 


We are asking for transparency in our candidates. 


This one is not going to disappear!

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I'm Lawrie Hooper and I'm on Twitter saying 'MF, it’s not generally a place to find reliable information'. I'm saying that on Twitter, Twitter!! TWITTER!! 

He was definatley on his second bottle of Merlot at that time.


Edit to add: Hi Lawrie, we all know you will be reading this.

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8 minutes ago, offshoremanxman said:

Another one against the marina. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. One supports the marina, one slightly vaguely supports the marina and five definite anti progress candidates.

Anti progress?

There are plenty of ways to be progressive without supporting a scheme that is as insane as that one.

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9 hours ago, finlo said:

Not cryptic but can't remember why he was off work ill/ injured/ suspended? He used the time for a career change.

Son of Edgar.

As above post, then managed to get a lucrative appointment as a Crown-appointed IoM Legal Aid Certifying Officer for a few years too. Establishment to the core and has done very well out of IoM to date. Clearly there's a bit more to be had though.

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