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21 hours ago, Apple said:

Wasn't Skelly due to some criticism for something he had done previously and they wanted to keep him so the only way was. to give him another role? The talk down South was that he wasn't standing again for MHK.

Has everyone seen Dr Heywood on the 2 minute video post - crumbs.! What are we putting these people through?


He publicly stated he wasn't standing.

He was a petulant child and threw his toys out the pram and said "It's either I get President or I'm going to the private sector!!!!!!!"



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2 hours ago, Declan said:

I see the establishment candidate Kemp has put his manifesto on-line. 

Quotes Orwell too. Although it doesn’t look like he got far into the book. 49B4F609-57CE-4483-A125-FF4FBADB4886.jpeg.c8ba9189576d55e844b7822a20771952.jpegC9912A75-7521-4288-95D8-DDB439FB9C68.thumb.jpeg.e957bc1eb148bc688f090d27b427d59d.jpeg

Coles Notes Quotes

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17 hours ago, rodders said:

Where is Gansey Bay?


58 minutes ago, SleepyJoe said:

Gansey Bay Isle of Man 2018 - YouTube


24 minutes ago, TheTeapot said:

That's Bay ny Carrickey really.

My understanding is that Gansey is the land/headland between Port St Mary Chapel Bay and Bay ny Carrikey. The tall building as you head towards PSM, on the left as the road turns inland is Gansey Mill. 

The term Gansey now seems to be loosely applied to the whole of Bay ny Carrickey. Even to the Shore Hotel end.

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