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16 hours ago, Kipper99 said:

So, you’ve got finance lined up. Maybe 2 or 3 sources. You think something odd is going on. You report to Financial Crimes. Then you do a press release. How is that not tipping off?


Are Ettyl regulated? 

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12 hours ago, AlanShimmin said:

I love how the Facebook mafia post about this like it somehow concerns them 

Unfortunately it now involves the IOM Police, so be prepared for a large scale investigation. More taxpayers money. 

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On 6/7/2021 at 10:23 AM, jaymann said:

We do and they did. It wasn't a PR, but issued in response to questions from a journalist at the Telegraph. Even if we didn't comment, the article would likely have still run, but it was important to note that *we* have reported an issue.

I reached out to John out of respect to his profession expecting that confidential respect to be reciprocated and to avoid speculative ramblings.

Let’s be clear.

You didn’t reach out to me in my professional capacity. You reached out via the forum messaging system, not my work e-mail or phone number.

You asked the moderating/admin team, in terms, to stifle or stop discussion. That was refused. You asked the admin/moderating team to police posts. We refused that, also. We suggested you checked what was posted and report anything that justified reporting.

You didn’t reveal what the issue was that you’d reported to the police. You probably couldn’t. But even approaching Manx Forums was a potential tipping off, and a crime in itself.

You also said a release was to be issued within 10-15 minutes. You set out the text. It was identical to that eventually carried by the Telegraph over a week later. I did remind you of the tipping off risk, but you responded that you’d had it cleared by an advocate. 

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58 minutes ago, reptar said:

It's got to be a concern if Jason can't scrape together 2 quid without the assistance of 'third party funders', right?

The agreement seemed to include assumption of  responsibility for existing debts, deferred consideration and ettyl would need working capital.

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17 minutes ago, snowman said:

This puts a serious doubt on flights to Dublin

LoganAir will probably step in, or the replacement franchisee for Aer Lingus Regional ( which franchise start date may be brought forward ).

I know Logan has pulled it’s IOM BHD flights temporarily but it’s started BHD DUB.

although the last 4 times I flew IOM DUB the planes were at  less than 50% capacity, and Logan are crap at PRM/Wheelchair passenger service.

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51 minutes ago, snowman said:

This puts a serious doubt on flights to Dublin

Aer Lingus Regional flies many routes within Ireland and between the British Isles and Ireland.

Stobart had lost the franchise contract from next year and it had already been decided on the basis of 'Preferred Bidder' to award it to a start-up called Emerald Airlines (Ireland). They are on the verge of signing a contract to operate the Aer Lingus Regional service from the end of 2022 when its current contract was due to end with Stobart Air.

Conor McCarthy who heads the start-up, is a tycoon who founded local maintenance, repair, and overhaul provider Dublin Aerospace in 2009 and who was non-executive chairman of Stobart Air between 2018 and late 2019.

Emerald Airlines and the Irish flag carrier have already finalised the agreement and the contract is expected to be formally signed soon.

I expect that to be brought forward now or other arrangements to be made by Aer Lingus to pick-up all or most of the routes in the meantime. 

If the Dublin - IOM route is not included then someone else such as Loganair is very likely to be interested. 

These things take time but I would expect a Dublin-IOM service to be announced fairly soon.


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25 minutes ago, snowman said:

The original timeline for Emerald starting is 18 months away, with licenses, employees and contracts required before the airline can start.


Emerald expects its Air Operator’s Certificate to be awarded in July or August and has a senior management team in place.

“Our first two ATR72 aircraft are due for delivery later this summer, at which time we aim to have our respective approvals and operating licences in place,” McCarthy said, reiterating that Emerald Airlines will eventually operate a fleet of fifteen ATR72 Avions de Transport Régional turboprops.

The first two are being leased from Canada’s Chorus Aviation Capital, and starting from the second half of this year Emerald plans to operate wet-lease services to clients within the European Union.''

And of course the existing staff will be mostly available and the existing fleet of Aer Lingus Regional branded aircraft will all be available on the market. These comprise 12 x ATR72-600 (72 seaters) and 1 x ATR42-600 (42 seater). 

The big Aer Lingus with its IAG parent group's huge financial and other resources will have its important Aer Lingus Regional franchise situation sorted on the timescales and to the extent that they wish to have going forward.


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