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Iom transport Go cards

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1 hour ago, Declan said:

Or the Monthly bus pass lasting 28 days. That was designed by someone who hasn't lived pay cheque to pay cheque.  Charge an extra £5 and let it last 30 days! 

See also the 360-day year.  Most other transport authorities (such as TfL) have managed to work out that you need to offer products that tie in with how people actually live, but someone at DoI no doubt get brownie points by showing they were 'saving money' by doing this.  In actual fact it probably doesn't even save money and also puts people off using public transport, but the real purpose isn't to actually make savings but to perform making them or 'being entrepreneurial' or whatever.  Consequences are always ignored.

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13 hours ago, Roger Mexico said:

Platinum Cards are really aimed at the locals as they "allow unlimited travel [...] for one year (360 days)"[1].  Though a rail enthusiast visiting might find they were worth it, as it would only take about half a dozen journeys to cover the cost.  Like all IOM Transport's travel schemes it's all massively more elaborate than it needs to be and full of all sort of unnecessary security and bureaucracy.  As ever you expect the extra cost is the aim not the side effect.

Platinum Cards do require a photo on them which might explain why there is delay in issuing them, though I can't see why that would apply if you went to the Welcome Centre where they say they can take the photo there and then.   You can also get them for dogs[2], though it fails to specify if you need a photo of the dog.


[1]  You'll notice that the DoI are as accurate about the calendar as they are with everything else.

[2]  I wish I was making this up.  The only cost £5, which is probably less than it costs to issue them.

Back in pre Longworth days if a resident came to a station to buy a season ticket you just used to issue them with a temporary paper one to cover whilst the proper ticket was being centrally processed. Simple really 

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6 hours ago, Declan said:

That's ridiculous. 

Also I've three different types of card - 

Purple one - a monthly pass (well 28 days so it runs out just before pay day). But because in not every month will I get value from a monthly pass. 

A blue one - a weekly pass 

An Orange on - to buy individual journeys between PE & Douglas in bulk

I should probably get a Green or Yellow one for journeys between PE and PSM and C-Town. 

I also have an Oyster card for when I'm in London - it does all of the above and calculates at the end of a week whether I'd have been better with a weekly pass and refunds me. 

(the delay is because the yearly and monthly passes have photos on them - a tourist could pick up a weekly or per journey card at the Sea Terminal without the wait.) 

The Tfl system is in a completely different league to the system we use.

The ziptrip live tracking app no longer works, I believe they blame COVID for it not working and are supposedly working on yet another app to show live tracking, that will be the third in a few years.

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