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How many tomato plants in a 4X4 SFG?

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Well, the title says it all. Our frost date is today tomato plant (and since its been so nice for the past few weeks) I'm hoping to get some stuff planted this weekend, especially tomatoes. But I have no idea how many plants will fit in my 4x4 squares. If it maks a difference, I'm planting mostly romas for canning..

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I plant money-makers in patches and big pots, old sauce pans, anything..  Top them off quite short, about 3' to 4'..  They seem to do okay, but we have a very short season here.  They like 8 or 9 hours of sunshine a day every day ideally.

Dry plenty of seeds after stripping the outer 'jelly' (you can eat it off) and plant the pips next year.  Sew in seed compost in old yoghurt pots on the window sill.  Top off the plants quite short and hand pollinate with a fine paint brush.  

Or buy from Tesco.

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