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What did you think of Lost?  

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I've seen all of Season 1 and if anyone is starting to get confused now, you might as well give up. Definitely worthwhile watching but you really can't afford to miss anything and there are so many little easter eggs for fans.


The DVD boxset is due out in a month if you want to get ahead of the game and Season 2 airs in America in two months. Can't wait. I got into it quite late so I ended up watching the first 20 episodes in two weeks, and I never usually watch TV at all.


Highly recommended.

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I've seen all of Season 1...


Did you get them online? I had a gander last night during the Big Brother break and I could only seem to find the French and German versions, not really into learning a new language at this late stage...


Oh and sorry about the poll, I'm a bit cut and thrust with my options. Maybe everyone will fall into the categories as the season progresses?

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Did you get them online?


Uh huh. They're usually out a couple of hours after transmission in the US, on occassion before but since they started encrypting the distribution feeds, that's pretty rare.

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ah sounds good. Bit of a "get to know everyone" episode yesterday but at least they kept the backfilling interesting with clips of the crash. I'm sure there will be plenty of I told you so moments between me and missus. Promising start.


Although it did look like some bits in the first episode were cut...

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We should be up to episode 3, assuming in America they did the pilot as a two parter as with Channel 4 last night.


I've given up on downloading TV programs since I got back to the island, I was getting the latest stargate series at 70+kb/s in England, no more than 7 here which makes it painfully slow. I think I'll just buy the DVD of Lost if it's out in a month or so.

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My mum was here this afternoon, enthusing about it and she mentioned that E4 showed Episode 3 last night? Apparently they're showing a week ahead of C4 on E4.


Also, stop using Kazaa for your TV programmes jeez.

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They showed 2 episodes last night on C4, and like desperate Housewives etc., they showed episode 3 on E4 later on that evening. I missed episode 3 because I was out and there was a slight overlap so I couldn't Tivo them all.


I might be able to dump them to DVD if anyone's really desperate to catch up but most of the media seem to be talking about it so you could probably read it all there.

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