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OK i watched last nights episode and am still none the wiser...despite being advised that there a big "reveal" in that episode.


Other than the obvious Jesus/resurrection/Christianity overtones I didnt really get much else...I dont want anyone to tell me anything just wondering if anyone else was as confused as me!!

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I have to agree with DCB. Although I'm hooked and intrigued, there are plentiful amounts of cheese happily oozing from my TV when it's on. Especially the cut to music video style sections showing everyone with thoughtful expressions on their faces.


I'll keep it up though for at least season 1 and see if I can see past the cheese.

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As a six-parter this could have been a quality programme.


Unfortunately, money dictates and they want to squeeze it for all its worth.


What is it, 42 episodes or something? Can you imagine what would have happened to something like Fawlty Towers going on that long.


I'm only into about the seventh episode and it's already fallen into a soap opera rather than the quirky, menacing adventure story it was promising to be.

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It's like Hollyoaks. The 'fat' person is really fat, there is no middle ground.


The majority of them are slim and beautiful, but don't worry, cos they haven't forgotten about all you fatties out there and they know you like to go on aeroplanes too, so they've given a role to the fattest person who walked into the auditions, just so you don't all complain.

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