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Corporal Punishment

Max Power

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1 hour ago, finlo said:

We had the PE teachers whistle on a lanyard across the back of the legs from one and the blackboard eraser to the back of the scull for daring to turn around in class from another!

Yeah we had that sort of low level thuggery -

Having to dodge boarddusters/chalk/ bits of metal 

Boot up the arse

Slap across the face

Picked up by the ear

Knuckle to top of the head  


But then I was a well behaved kid  


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I had a maths teacher in the mid-70's who used to direct a good 90% of his time and attention to the minority of kids who enjoyed and were good at maths. The rest of us who needed a little bit of extra help to understand simply floundered.

He'd hold weekly pop-quizzes (you never knew which day) and afterwards he would line those of us up who had more than one wrong answer out of ten, and administer one swat for each wrong answer.

Swats were delivered via a thin cricket bat shaped piece of wood, with half-inch holes drilled into the business end. Hurt like hell and gave me a deep-seated aversion to maths. 

As a result, my maths ability has always been sub-par, until the last ten years or so after I realised from where my maths problem stemmed. I actively started to work at becoming better at it. I previously believed I was doomed to mathematical ineptness. 

It has unfortunately adversely affected my life in several ways over the years.

Years later I heard that he was forced to "retire" after enough parents complained. Mine never did because I was too scared to tell them as in their eyes, a teacher was always in the right. Punishment at home involved a belt, with the buckle end employed for offences perceived to be particularly grievous. I didn't want to get a second punishment, that's for sure!

On the other hand, during my school days I had the occasional well deserved whack on the posterior for acting like a jerk, but that maths teacher was the only one who used corporal punishment on students who simply required better teaching. 

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