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NHS app data for Manx residents


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On 7/31/2021 at 6:04 PM, Scipio said:

They can keep their "app". If I even had a smart phone no way would I knowingly allow spyware onto it.

Yet you're on a computer. A computer that likely runs a proprietary operating system, running a proprietary browser, proprietary drivers and even proprietary firmware. Even if you're running the most open of Linux, you'll find it hard to move away from proprietary 'blobs'.

Even on ManxForums, Google can read analytics data about you.

So, stop with your nonsense.

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13 hours ago, AcousticallyChallenged said:

Even on ManxForums, Google can read analytics data about you

Yup. Here is a screenshot of the trackers on Manx forums taken just now on my iPad. Luckily you can stop them tracking you through your privacy settings


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Ashie said all delays were at UK side, is he wrong then?

When, precisely, did he say that ?

The last I heard was that it would be very quick for NHS digital to process once the data drop had been done. The delay was in sorting out some safeguards prior to the data drop.

You would have thought, naively perhaps, that these safeguards could have been sorted out in, say, a month. 


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Ashford has a habit of promising more than he can deliver I'm afraid. 

His interview yesterday - I turned it off after 10 minutes - showed how much he has tried to get on top of the medical issues but really he does not sound convincing. We need a medic -say the DHSCMedical Director - doing this on the radio but it seems se is either reluctant to come forward to has been prevented somehow. Remember her evidence to the Public Accounts Committee that she did in private? There must have been a be a reason for that.

I think, and hear from some people in DHSC, more clarity and openness about our health care provisions  are needed in some areas. I hope they are keeping good and honest notes (probably best to record them actually)  at all these daily meetings. As they say - He who writes the notes writes the history. Sadly. 

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