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Local Authority Elections


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3 hours ago, angelo said:

I couldn’t possibly comment.

What news from JPC? They must have counted the twenty or so votes each by now? And Peel, presumably a recount until the old guard get back in. ODC equally enthralling along with Castletown. Finally Douglas carving up their executive sub-committees I'll wager

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1 hour ago, angelo said:

Jurby result: decent people 5, gangsters 0.

Streets thronged with happy people, flowers strewn, feds issuing arrest warrants for tax evasion, cyclists doing wheelies… a great shadow fallen away…

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1 hour ago, english zloty said:

Nick Crowe 13 votes.

Those 13 people need to be rounded up and returned to the compound immediately.

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13 minutes ago, english zloty said:

17% in Douglas East. Wowsa.. Public mandate or what

To be fair turnout in Victoria Ward (which made up about 60% of the new East) was 13.6% in 2016, so if anything that's an improvement.  Interesting that all Joughin's campaigning seems to have done is fail to get his wife and one other he supported elected, and I suspect suppressed Ian Clague's vote.

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