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Le Tour

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Well that's another nail-biting mountain top finish.  More than a bit of deja-vu there ... 

Plus an exciting ascent of the Tourmalet AND an even more exciting descent of the Tourmalet...


(Now just have to wait for Cavendish to roll in.)

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3 hours ago, The Phantom said:

Not anymore with the breakaway. 

Sunday it is then! 

Yeah, that was always going to happen, last chance for a stage win after a few massive mountains, hell of a ride from Mohoric

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Absolute legend whatever happens on Sunday.

Never in a million years a couple of years back did I ever think he would win another stage of anything.  Never mind the tour, and I would have bet the wife’s life on him never getting a green jersey.

Phenomenal that he did it years ago given the limited training opportunities over here as a kid but to then bounce back from where he was with injury, physical health and mental health to do it again and become a record breaker is awe inspiring.

He deserves the full recognition the island and the cycling world and hopefully the queen and the BBC when it comes to sports personality.

Unfortunately based on the few meetings we had we will never be mates and he will think I am a proper tool.  Hands up I thought he was as well, but am happy to applaud him for his amazing achievements.

Good work Cav.  Am inspiration to many and a man the island can be proud of.

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1 minute ago, TheTeapot said:

Clearly a good judge of character then

He speaks very highly of you 😂

Like I said we don’t get on, but we speak on the phone and in person regularly. 

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I owe Cavendish an apology...

I watched the Tour live yesterday in anticipation of him breaking the record.  This is the second time I have watched Cavendish on this stage and its the second time he has missed out on the win..

Great effort from him though.  I hope he gets a ride at next years Tour if he wants one and gets a shot at that record again.

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