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Subconscious Actions

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I've sometimes thanked bank machines. Transaction = thankyou.


And once, when I was feverish, I flushed my pants and socks down the lav rather than putting them in the washing basket. A confusion of automated bathroom actions, I think :)


Always have to go back and check that the house and car is locked. Because I do it without thinking.


Ever spotted someone you haven't seen for ages but, then, it isn't them - then a few minutes later you meet the person you were thinking of?

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I'm forever getting the names of my six year old son and our young labrador mixed up. Probably because I'm always telling one or other of them to stop what they are doing!


Dialling 9 for an outside line when at home was another one!!


Eating the core of an apple when in company - God, the looks of horror at that one!

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I quite often put the milk in the cupboard and the sugar in the fridge after I make a coffee. I have also thrown my socks in the bin with out realising it on a few occasions, that could mean my subconscious thinks my feet smell like crap I suppose.

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None of the men have named the most likely thing they do without thinking.


What, nod and make agreeable "hmm" sounds when a woman is talking to them about shopping/clothes etc.?


Come on guys, we all do it...




I've never seen a bloke do it when chatting .. and it's more of a MMmmmmMMmm than a hmmm in my experience.


Maybe we're not talking about the same thing.


No, we are talking about the same thing. You've just never noticed a bloke do that coz you've been too busy talking at the time. ;)

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I suppose my most frequent 'subconscious' action is saying 'please' and 'thank you' at the appropriate times. I know it's somewhat 'Pavlovian' in that manners were drilled into me from a very early age - but people generally seem to appreciate it and I can't help wishing that today's kids underwent a little more of that kind of 'brainwashing.'

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