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Elon Musk‘s Starlink sets up shop on the Isle of Man


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6 minutes ago, pongo said:

I remember that blog post - quoting Churchill to sell "executive coaching". 

I still use it a lot - pretty much sums up where the world needs to go right now. We need to be braver than ever before on many, many fronts.

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11 minutes ago, pongo said:

Utter meaningless bollocks. As is executive coaching.

Well, it was said by a much more worldly leader than I’ll ever be, and he practiced the bollocks he preached. 

And thanks for the appraisal on the ol’ coaching front too. Good to have open minded people on board here. 

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5 minutes ago, The Voice of Reason said:

You might think he would spend a few of his many billion dollars on changing his name by deed poll.

Elon Musk 

For goodness sake

Sounds like something you'd find in a whore's handbag.

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3 hours ago, pongo said:

Utter meaningless bollocks

......from the Forum King of 'Utter meaningless bollocks'.

'Utter meaningless bollocks': what a meaningful, deeply thought-out, balanced viewpoint that provides the alternative arguments to the point in question or would you like to come back with a more nuanced version of 'Utter meaningless bollocks'?


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