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Covid Deniers and Anti Vaxxers

John Wright

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Just now, WTF said:

you know how fucked up the law as written is so i'm surprised  you added the wow.

Mr Heading’s law in the ( non existent ) Common Law Court isn’t written, they make it up as they go along. It’s freeman of the land stuff, a la Tame Elf.

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32 minutes ago, Darkness Incarnate said:

Had a hard day outside the courts today with my good friends and free-thinkers.

Can't believe you can all be so disrespectful!

Have some manners, as we did with our protest. 

Courtenay Heading had no manners in that interview, nor had he any empirical evidence for his views.  He is an affront to ordinary law abiding people, and those who have been badly affected by this virus in the numerous ways that it has been affected.

Can you section someone under Maritime law? 

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I doubt that the local media and Plod would be so indulgent of these assholes if it was a group of local tossers and not the very respectable and English sounding Mr Courtney Heading. I've not followed this thread and know nothing about him but it seems he's being given a platform here that his loony-tune views don't merit, because of who he is. Many people would take offence. 

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Would anybody be offended if I gave Mr Heading a right royal verbal twatting the next time I see him? I really can't understand why he hasn't been sectioned for his own protection. If the Isle of Man needs a Village Idiot (OK, I admit we already have Martin Moore), surely this wankpuffin qualifies hands down?

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  • John Wright changed the title to Covid Deniers and Anti Vaxxers

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