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Covid Deniers and Anti Vaxxers

John Wright

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3 hours ago, slinkydevil said:

September tomorrow. Is it time for the Nuremberg trials? Just sorting out my popcorn supplies and stall.

Still some CEG ORBIT Baby Grows left too. (Would make great masks) £15.99

We already  have a complicated justice system.

It is not perfect,but it has evolved, over centuries.

It will be interesting to see how a pressure group setting up a “court” in a hired venue  somewhere( Not Nuremberg)   can even begin to believe they have any  sort of legitimacy.



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20 hours ago, ricardo said:

Thank you for all your helpful information Ricardo. While the paid influencers are terrified of people such as you, truth-seekers like myself quietly follow this thread in order to learn from informed and honourable people such as your good self. Please ignore the evil-doers and continue sharing your knowledge with us.

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1 minute ago, John Wright said:

So, the case is being brought under “maritime law”. Wow!

If Heading is so confident that he's a boat perhaps he should test the theory by trying to carry half a dozen cars across the Irish Sea.

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Just now, WTF said:

you know how fucked up the law as written is so i'm surprised  you added the wow.

Mr Heading’s law in the ( non existent ) Common Law Court isn’t written, they make it up as they go along. It’s freeman of the land stuff, a la Tame Elf.

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  • John Wright changed the title to Covid Deniers and Anti Vaxxers

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