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Covid Deniers and Anti Vaxxers

John Wright

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Below is just one post from a FB group of vaccine injured - there are many many other similar posts. Millions of people wanted to get vaccinated, as was their right, but many others succumbed to the relentless propaganda and/or pressure and are now regretting their choice. Their voices are not being heard - FB shuts down vax damaged groups - and it is extremely difficult for them to get justice. Most worrying is that information about the mass of damage is suppressed, meaning that properly 'informed consent' is not being gained. The recent film "Safe and Effective.." presents the issues fairly well:
"My bank accounts are now completely empty, I can't afford to help my son at university, I'm still ill and waiting, waiting, waiting for more test results, more appointments, more scans. I've lost my business, nearly £10000 and so far 19 months of my life.
I spend 90% of my life either in bed or laying on the sofa and apparently NO ONE is accountable.
I spend my days helping other people like me, in between taking medication and feeling sick. I speak to people that feel suicidal on a daily basis. We have LOST people to suicide.
You won't see any of this on the news or TV, we are the forgotten people in this pandemic.
Mothers who are now too ill to look after their children, young men who are having to move back home to be looked after by their parents, a life changing illness. We now have 750 people in our support group, many now classed as disabled, some bereaved.
I have approached over 100 journalists from main stream news outlets and only had a few responses and those that did respond told me that IF they covered us, they would lose their jobs. Even though we are in a public enquiry, even though we have scientists and MPs backing us, even though we have it in black and white on our medical records.
Is this how we treat people when things go wrong ? Is this what you would expect after being told that it was the "right thing to do", that if you didn't you were selfish ?"
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