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Covid Deniers and Anti Vaxxers

John Wright

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3 hours ago, Gladys said:

Why can't I use the link?  Sounds like a great bit of entertainment. 


3 hours ago, quilp said:

Same here 

You should thank your lucky stars. 40 pages of drivel. Headache inducing stuff.

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3 hours ago, Roger Mexico said:

The programme just knows you've got an unfriendly aura.

(It's not Needham and Roberts, she seems to directed these to a large portion of the Island's population)

Tell all the squirrels and bluebirds that settle on my arm when I walk in the forest (avoiding the huntsman, of course). 

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The way that nonsense is written is this fake legal language this outright nutter made up in the 80s. 'David-Wynn. Miller' was his name, i read about him a few years ago, he believed every conspiracy going. He made up this language, which has loads of names like 'quantum-syntax-parse-grammar-language' or some shit, cos he lost nearly 100 court cases in a row, and its got loads of weird rules about verbs while sentences are supposed to be 13 words long and is uses tons of punctuation. And there is some rule to make any legal document void by using a word that was spelled in a certain way, can't remember what way but i thing 'attack' would have done it.

He's dead now.

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