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Covid Deniers and Anti Vaxxers

John Wright

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21 hours ago, manxfisherman said:

I am no fan of mandates, I thought vaccine passports were abhorrent and the policy of sacking healthcare workers for not getting vaccinated completely insane.

I have a problem with the 'not tested for transmission' shit that is being spewed out all over social media though. The people using it as a gotcha can be placed in one of the following groups.

  • They don't understand what it means.
  • They are malicious.
  • They are stupid.

The point of the vaccine has always been to reduce severity. Some of the messaging has not been good enough on that point for sure. 

Agreed, my issue has never been with a vaccine to reduce severity of a nasty respiratory virus. It's the complete bullshit and scaremongering that Governments, WHO, WEF and Mainstream Media were peddling.

I am always pro-choice on things like this. People should make their own minds up on putting things into their body. They shouldn't be punished or vilified for making a choice no matter how much you disagree with it. 

Far too many extreme views in the world right now which is a dangerous thing. You can see that in the political landscape across the world. 

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