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Brexit Penny Dropping?


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On 9/10/2021 at 9:47 AM, manxman1980 said:

 benefits of Brexit


On 9/10/2021 at 10:04 AM, ManxTaxPayer said:

For the sake of balance it would be good if contributors could list some of these. I would if I could recognise any.

Ok, here's one. 

"Post-Brexit shake-up in food labels will show off Britain's 'world-class' produce as the Government draws up radical reforms for clearer packaging"

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Having bee suckered in by the predictions of immediate disaster if we left the EU, desperate Remainers are know looking for immediate benefits and predicting any short-term issue as a long-term failure. It is very early days in the new future of the UK. Nobody yet knows what the full benefits will be, outside of not being part of a federal, undemocratic EU; many people did not and do not want that and never consented to it and believe removing the UK from that submissive position is a significant achievement in itself. However, if you place no value in sovereignty, self-determination and democracy, the EU will continue to look very attractive. I have to say, I find that to be rather strange from someone purporting to be Manx. Maybe it is one rule for the Manx and another for UK citizens...

We did this argument in 2016 and again before the last UK election. It is done and this debate is now very dull indeed. It is like telling Christians there is no God. Just believe what you wish. The rest of us will just get on with it.

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49 minutes ago, ManxTaxPayer said:

Is anyone getting bored of Lord Frost whining and bleating about how unfair the deal that he personally negotiated, signed and trumpeted as an excellent deal, the biggest and broadest trade deal in the world? I certainly am. What a dick. 

Is anyone getting bored of MTP whining and bleating about how unfair that his side actually lost a democratic vote instead of getting on with it. I certainly am. What a dick.

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Brexit has become an exercise in quiet damage limitation...

Chris Giles in the FT. 

"Brexit is now largely a sunk cost. It has given its proponents in London the levers of power they sought. But with power comes some responsibility and you cannot keep making lives worse with a purist notion of Brexit without people noticing. Johnson and the EU are fully entitled to shout about the minor benefits that Brexit brings both sides, but they would be wise to quietly continue with damage limitation on the big stuff."

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If you've negotiated and signed a trade agreement and then fought and won a general election on the basis of that agreement, describing it as "excellent", isn't it then a bit rich to describe the implementation of said agreement by your trading partner as being very aggressive? I think it probably is. Here's a Conservative MP doing just that. 


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