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Election Results Thread


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Just now, Shake me up Judy said:

Just put the Manx Radio feed on and this woman has been talking for ten minutes. 

It’s a crying shame. If she could actually perform miracles at Nobles as good as she can bullshit on her masters Propaganda Mouthpiece, then healthcare will be sorted.

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1 minute ago, slinkydevil said:

Extension to the summer house and outdoor pool is back on.

Palatial Mansion - followed by a listing in the estate agents, moving on to bigger n better, in keeping with a Government Minister.

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8 minutes ago, asitis said:

Isn't that the way it works ?

The Nations Propaganda Mouthpiece is really outdoing itself this time, scrapping the bottom of the barrel. I’m paying this bloody woman to actually work and sort the islands totally fucked up health service not to fanny around, pretending she’s a political expert. She’s as much as an expert as Tony Brown - at least wasn’t as bad as a Chief Minister as Howard Quayle was. 

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Just now, english zloty said:

He's not doing his blog anymore he said. Instead he's concentrating on getting his I and We sorted. I look forward to him being responsible for everything until he distances himself because We got it wrong

Well he sat on the Promenade committee and look at the fuck up that was. Perhaps he will make a mess of the DHSC - can’t do any worse?

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