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10 hours ago, triskelion said:

This thread is a pretty solid indication of why popularly electing the chief minister is a poor idea:

  • People posting misunderstandings or incomplete information as absolute facts
  • Most people don't know how National Insurance is calculated or used, but think they've got what it takes to competently assess policy
  • Endless ranting about minutiae like wigs, or the Bishop
  • Believing the government should be doing much more with much less, but will then complain about any cuts in services

Bashing the Bishop is a time-honoured Manx Forums pastime, regardless of thread topic.

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Didn’t we have a HNWI who got into trouble, criminally and had embarrassing criminal financial issues, relating to business issues in the UK? Said individual no longer lives here but still leaves a trail. How would a CM treat them? By IOM standards, they get feted, lauded and lionised? Whilst others are punished and ostracised.!

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3 minutes ago, James Blonde said:

From reports this morning it could be a landslide for Colonel Cannanballs

I think both are as bad, another 5 years of the same. The rest of the Keys aren’t any better. Best of a terrible bunch.

Only good thing is the worst CM in IOM history is officially off today - subject to election being carried out and prerequisite conditions met,

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33 minutes ago, Roxanne said:

I have a feeling he’ll be keeping his head down too. No farewell speeches or fancy dinners for him. Off to bed early with no supper would be my guess. 

Why? He'd normally turn up to the opening of envelope. 

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2 minutes ago, Zarley said:

The vote:

Allison 8

Cannan 14

Spoiled 2

Deputy Speaker:

Caine 14

Christian 10

Which idiots spoiled their papers/chicken out of making a decision/tried to be all cutting edge and trendy by wanting a “progressive” candidate.

Shoukd be thrown out

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