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Carol Quine Chair of Castletown Commissioner's vote of no Confidence


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17 minutes ago, Roger Mexico said:

I was told about the 70's refit by someone showing me round, but they may have been romanticising the past (or was there another one before your time?).  I wondered if they might have improved access, though it's difficult to see how.  I suppose they might use it for weddings as it's bigger than the old room they used to use, but there's so many options now in the Castle and around that it hardly seems worth it.

As far as I can recall the 70’s “upgrade” was the blocking off of the skylight, the false ceiling, and the reversal of the furniture. The Deemster used to sit at the other end. Back to the Harbour. But the Victorian furniture was reused. Just turned through 180°. 

This meant that the Deemster didn’t have to traverse the court room to get to the bench via the corridor linking the court to Derby House.

The court is in the 14th century gate house on the first floor. It connects to the second floor of Derby House.

I don’t think it’s licensed. It’s not the same as the Derby House function room, the old wedding room.

Until the 1850’s that room was actually 3 rooms. So it’s fairly modern.  I think the break through to Derby House was during the Civil War. It provided secure accommodation for the Countess.

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31 minutes ago, manxlass said:

http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=58741&headline=Ancient monument damaged when owner rescues dog from rabbit hole&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2020
Did Mr Cubbon resign when this damage was done out Fort Island last year? This was after his dog got stuck in a rabbit hole.


27 minutes ago, manxlass said:



Fort Island damage

You are Carol Quine and I claim my £5

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1 hour ago, buncha wankas said:

Why was the dog in workplace premises?

Because she was misusing her position as chairman to have her own private army  (commissioners workforce)  put medicated ear drops in it. 

“Manx Lass” has been spouting the same tenuous shite all over Facebook about Mr Cubbon. His dog went down a rabbit hole, bit off a difference.

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