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Manx Gas MEGA Price Rise

James Blonde

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An early test for the new Tynwald dwellers - will they put the welfare of the GMP above those of Manx Gas? 

27.5% increase is massive! 





Callister is already asking for feedback from constituents - will a single constituent tell him to support it?  😅

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21 minutes ago, asitis said:

I hope it is nowhere near approved... Karma is a bitch manx gas !

It will be approved you can be sure of that. Rob Callister is waiting for a ministerial role, for a role he has worked for all his life, the upper eschelons of Manx Political Society. Do you seriously think that principles and scruples are going to play a part? I would say that some Onchan residents may say yes to the increase, and that may be a justification if he did vote for the increase.

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2 minutes ago, Numbnuts said:

Serious question. If they dont agree to it what option is there ?? Viable option that is ! 

Exactly.  Let them out the price up to account for global wholesale gas prices or Manx Gas will likely go out of business if they continue providing a service at a loss , which is what they have already been doing for a while.

The only other option is for government to offer some sort of subsidy, but then why should those who don’t use gas bail out those who do?

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7 minutes ago, Peter Layman said:

Wonderful, the government state that hospitality on the island still hasn't fully recovered after lockdowns so how does the government assist - they hike the VAT up to 12.5% and watch as Manx gas stick it to the consumers

Manx Gas have had it well and truly stuck to them by wholesale increases. What do you expect them to do?

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