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Fc Isle of Man….who is paying for it?

Nomadic Raptor

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On 4/12/2022 at 1:43 PM, The Phantom said:

Woah, hold on with all the positivity. 

I thought this was a group to expose the Bond villian-esque HNW that is paying for this in order to take over the Island?

You really need to put your paranoia on hold!

It’s just innocent musings on the economics of running the club. Nothing  more,  nothing less and nothing sinister😐

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58 minutes ago, Gizo said:

It always is. It’s the only thing tuning in to Manx Radio for.

Agreed. Although I'm sure Energy or 3FM could so equally as good. 



28 minutes ago, Declan said:


I’d like more crowd noise, but then the crowd is quite quiet normally


That's a fair point. The only down side of the Bowl is people only sing when they're winning... which thankfully has been often this year. And the Bowl is an awful designed ground that let's all the noise out. 


FCIOM could do with a bigger ground.

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4 hours ago, manxman1980 said:

I haven't managed to get to a game but have been following the team.  In terms of crowd noise are there any particular chants that have emerged or is it just general cheering?

I wondered if away fans at The Bowl have had any abusive chants they have aimed at home fans. 

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