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HQ unwell again?


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In relation to relationships - there's a letter written by Edward V111 in 1919 going up for auction shortly. It's to his lover Freda Dudley Ward, who was at the time married to William Dudley Ward, the Liberal MP. This was more than a decade before he met American divorcee Wallis Simpson. The affair continued until 1934, ending only when Edward became involved with Mrs Simpson.

Quote: “I do love you, love you, my very own blessed little Fredie darling & I find life very hard & dour without you … it’s hell when we are parted sweetheart & when I can’t hear you say all your divine things which is what keeps me alive.”

Some people just don't seem to be capable of finding a partner of their own. Just be careful who you choose as a role model.

(Royals have always been able to have their cake and eat it.)

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4 hours ago, Gladys said:

Not often I disagree with you, Roger, but I think there is absolutely no danger of this making HQ sound interesting.  All it does is conjure up some pretty ghastly mental images. 

The thought of Quayle cavorting around in his skiddies is a tad unnerving.

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5 hours ago, quilp said:

You're right they don't, and I bet £350k is just the tip of the iceberg. I wonder how much his house is worth in the current climate?

The idea that we still pay so much for an unelected representative of a hereditary monarch from elsewhere beggars belief. It's 2021 FFS! Time for a 21st century democracy.

Remember a couple of years ago when Alex Allanson and others were successful in changing the law on abortion. They described it (quite rightly imho) as a "modernisation" of the abortion law - and then, without any apparent irony - sent it away for royal assent! It wouldn't surprise me if they wrote it on parchment and sent it on a fast horse.

Surely it's long overdue that we gave the 15th century their political system back and move to something at least vaguely representative of IoM residents at the helm 


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18 minutes ago, Declan said:

I’ve been a bit unwell last few days so not kept up. But has the Chief Minister become embroiled in a Two Ronnies sketch?

God knows. This has to be the single most unrevealing thread ever created on Manx Forums. 

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