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Douglas Kerbside Recycling and Waste Collection Survey


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This purchase could e good for the Island in general though?

Dlas can sell off the old trucks cheaply to private rubbish collectors who will use them for another 10 years or so and provide cheaper services to other LA areas. Just not to Douglas ratepayers!!!

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7 minutes ago, offshoremanxman said:

About £150K. So to save £20K they spent £300K on two new bin wagons then decided to use them half as much as the old ones. 

Actually if you read it, it tells you that these were ordered before the decision to go fortnightly was taken - presumably by the previous Council.  Though I suspect the decision on that has already been around for a while and the new Council may have be faced with a bit of a fait accompli.

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If their purchase was in the pipeline, it could have been announced before the change to collections?

In fact, it should have been announced at the time of ordering to inform Dlas ratepayers of their spending.

We may elect these people to look after our interests in DLas but that does not excuse them from keeping us informed of their reasoning!!!

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On 1/28/2022 at 9:13 PM, offshoremanxman said:

Well of course any press release would have to say that. Purchased last year could mean December 30th 2021. The fact remains the reduction in service is allegedly to save a mere £20K. Then £300K of new wagons suddenly arrive. So what have they saved at all for the ratepayers? 

 This is not a cost saving move. It is an environmental decision designed to increase recycling and reduce recyclable waste being burned at the incinerator. 

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Exporting waste for recycling is apparently a green solution.

I suspect with the proliferation of greenies in local authorities we will see more green stealth taxes appearing.  At a time when people can't least afford it we are being laden with the burdens of the green party.


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