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Isle of Man newspapers comments....

victorian dad

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3 minutes ago, offshoremanxman said:

Serious question but why would you complain about comments left on a terribly outdated local newspaper site? Most of the people who post there are clearly absolute dicks. Why would a comment you don’t agree with make you complain to the newspaper?

This site is not entirely free of them.

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7 hours ago, Roger Mexico said:

To be fair I don't think they have any junior secretaries or indeed any secretaries at all.  Local newspapers have had budgets and staffing slashed over the last few decades and IOM Newspapers have the problem that they are staffed like a local newspaper, but have a nation to cover with all its complexities.  So they aren't going to waste time on stuff they are providing for free.

(There may also legal implications - monitor your comments too closely and you become more responsible for them).

You're being very generous to them. They are shit.

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11 hours ago, Augustus said:

IOM Newspapers could easily get a v junior secretary to go through the comments once a day and delete all the spammers.

Are you posting from a parallel timeline where offices still have secretaries? Where local newspapers even still have offices?

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