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13 minutes ago, Non-Believer said:

This is part of the report on the Island Plan debate in Tynwald this week (Manx Independent).

If ever there was a case of "make it up as we go along", this must be it. In support of this, further in the report, it's flagged up by Tim Glover that there's not even been any costings for the aims and ambitions...



I personally don't see that Mr Cannan has any real ambition for this term of government other than that he should be Chief Minister

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1 hour ago, hissingsid said:

It sounds more like a cunning stunt than a well thought out costed plan with some indication as to what to tackle first and a timescale laid out.   Perhaps the woke members who object to praying should change their minds if this wish list is the best the Government can come up with

Sid, the right letters but as Eric Morecambe said: 'not necessarily in the right order'! 🤔

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It will be interesting to see how this part develops - and looking forward to the annual conference !  An annual report from each Department - the DOI's wont take much reading !!

"The relationship between Council of Ministers, Tynwald and Government Departments needs to change. We need better forums not only for more open policy debate and agreement, but also for ensuring that better and more cohesive policy is being delivered across Government. The following actions will enhance policy and strategic delivery: • A Tynwald Conference will be held annually to allow for public interaction and debate on the key issues. • The Island Plan will be debated annually and amended accordingly by Tynwald. • Every Department, Board and Office must produce an annual report for Tynwald debate, scrutiny and approval led by the Minister or Chairperson. These will be tabled throughout the parliamentary year. These reports will lay out clearly the actions undertaken by the department, the positive impact on the Island and determine and justify staffing levels"

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11 minutes ago, SleepyJoe said:

The electorate to be permitted access to these saviours of the nation once a year?

Nothing to stop you standing & being a saviour! Give them a chance, they’ve not been in 6 months yet!

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His plan for the economy should be the major feature of the manifesto that the conservative group put before the electorate when they are given the opportunity to vote for the government & chief minister they would prefer to govern & take the island forward into the future

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